Trappmusik – Borta Bra/Hemma Bäst – #BBHB

At the beginning of the year the Swedish rapgroup Trappmusik went to India to finally finish Slö & Slängd 2, the sequel to 2012’s acclaimed ep Slö & Slängd and the album Lever Livet (2013).

On a rooftop in Bangalore they finished Borta Bra/Hemma Bäst, under some influence of a box Kingfisher beer and other local specialties.

As the rooftop in question belonged to a house rented by filmmaker and photographer Filip Jedraszak (me), a long standing friend and partner to Trappmusik, it was obvious that he would do a video for it.

The video is recorded in the multi-million city of Bangalore and surroundings of the World Heritage Site of Hampi.

On the corus we hear another classic Trappmusik Familiar: Sunjatha, formerly known as Sune, Sun-E or +1, which has gifted many Trappmusik-hooks through the years and now is in the start of his own solo career.

Borta Bra/Hemma Bäst reflects everything Trappmusik stands for. To enjoy life and look around the world without ever losing sight of the home town of Malmo.

The video was shot mostly on a canon 5Dm3 with asserted lenses and some shots was also made in 4k on a sony a6300. Editing in PP.



Diwali is one of my favorite holidays here in India. Not only is it the festival of lights and fireworks, its kind of the Hindu new year and a great time to party!
For Grabhouse it meant that the design team had a chance to wish everyone a happy diwali with their own design.
You can see them here:


And some cute videos on some DIY diwali gifts:

So for my Diwali greeting i wanted to get a portrait that would capture the essence of the happy times that Diwali brings, for me it’s all about lights and fireworks and smiles. So i asked the very pretty Shobita from the office if we could try some things. My idea was to have her holding a sparkler and getting smoke and a glamorous image. Shooting fireworks or fire, or basically anything that is an organic light source will be hard to capture correctly. If you know the color temperature of the sparkler perhaps you can have a better idea on what shutter speed you should be using. But for these sparklers trial and error was the only way to go.

Shobita managed during our long exposure testing to write Grabhouse with the sparkler:


Light painting really is an art, i’ve been dabbling with this before and it really is a skill to be learned. You can see an older example of what i’ve done here with the light painter Dda Terdeaone.

So after the long exposure testing, we needed to see how much light we can get from the sparkler alone.

The sparklers had different colors and that rendered differently on skin so in the end i settled on the green sparkler. That would also burn intensely enough for me to have a shutter speed above 60/s

A little bit of bounce from the front and the light also became a little bit softer.
Then it was just some post processing to be done and a nice border with text:


Really happy with the result and thank you Shobita for being so patient.

And as a conclusion to this post, my love and memories goes out to the best dog “Diwali”, who was found on the day of the festival, hence the name, and who tragically left us early.


Vistiting Cards and more campaigns!

Overflowing work and exciting new challenges is what this month has been all about. Being the head of photography at Grabhouse presents different ventures then first expected, which is fun!

We started of with shooting the portraits for our visiting cards.  They were all shot with the Carl Zeiss 85mm and to get soft light we took them next to the big windows so it would just be natural sunlight and a bounce reflector for the other side.


I was a little inpatient so I made sure I had my visiting cards printed first. The other batch will have a little different shape, something more close to our brand image.


But im really happy with the result, gorgeous individual visiting cards, something Im happy to give out.

More shoots and more products kept dropping in, meanwhile my work also includes to make sure our FOS team (the team that works on field gathering information about apartments and takes pictures of the same) is up to standard when it comes to the images they take of the apartments and pg’s. So we had a couple of workshops where i explained the importance of angles and composing pictures in the same way to have a unity on our website.

But that I can’t show in pictures so lets talk about the PR Journalist Kit image instead.

As for all products designed by us we need images for logging and commercial purposes.

A white box presents it’s own problems when you want a white background. Mixing daylight, my big soft led panels and even bouncing some of the daylight to get the right mixture of “white” and shadows. For being a photographer who still really likes shooting analog i have to say that product shooting on digital now a days really has a completely different workflow. If its good or bad is up to each photographer but for me its really nice to be able to search for the perfect tone of white by mixing light sources. I ended up with having the daylight from the left-back acting as a kicker, the led light panel from the right as main key and just a white bouncer from the front to lighten up the shadows, and basically used that same set up for all the different angels for the box.
In the end I only did small adjustments with the shadows in Adobe Lightroom and voila: A gorgeous product picture.

Next post will be about the Diwali shoot whatever new exciting challenges that will present it self.


A swedish/polish photographer in Bangalore

A couple of months back i got the opportunity to do something different from what I normally do. And no, its not being in Bangalore, even though it is a little new for me, since Mumbai has been my home for the last couple of years. I do have to say, love the weather (i know everyone says it, Bangalore is never too hot or too cold) Any who, Portraits_visitingcard_1-2I haven’t really written about it since the work has kept me occupied, but it’s time to change that!
So basically I started as the Head of Photography at an exciting new startup company called Grabhouse. I’m actually not freelancing for a change! An office and a desk, for those who know me, i know this doesn’t sound like me! But the Grabhouse team has made the transition quite easy.  Grabhouse is one of Indias first brokerfree online portals for house renting. But that’s a very simple explanation of what Grabhouse is since we amongst other things also run the site Urban Cocktail.

So let kick this of with me giving a little more updates on what I do and shoot during my days.

So i started of with shooting a fun hiring campaign for Grabhouse where we tried to capture the fun cultural environment here at the office:

The preperation was quite fast, but that also made it quite fun. Everything was shot with the Carl Zeiss 85/1.4. Just cant beat it when it comes to shoot people, of course the downside is working with the distance in a non-studio environment, but it also means that i just need ambient light for gorgeous shots like the “share-food” image.
The design team did a great job with the final product and i’m really happy with the result. Its also nice when you have designers who can make a design work with both landscape and portrait formats, since i apparently like to change it up (inside photographer joke)

Last week it was time for a “People, Places & Properties” campaign. Personally i loved the idea to have more urban street photographs, and i’m really happy with the design of the banner for our Facebook page. Its sleek and modern and has that edgy look that i really think fits with the culture of the company.


Soon its time for portrait shots for the whole design team for our visiting cards, keep posted!

Skateing in India – Expo @ Alis

Right now you can see some of my pictures from my ongoing project about the growing culture of skateboarding all over India at Alis @ studiestræde in Copenhagen, Denmark

There will also be a joint online exhibition later on to help raise funds for concrete and skate park builds in India.

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