Trappmusik – Borta Bra/Hemma Bäst – #BBHB

At the beginning of the year the Swedish rapgroup Trappmusik went to India to finally finish Slö & Slängd 2, the sequel to 2012’s acclaimed ep Slö & Slängd and the album Lever Livet (2013).

On a rooftop in Bangalore they finished Borta Bra/Hemma Bäst, under some influence of a box Kingfisher beer and other local specialties.

As the rooftop in question belonged to a house rented by filmmaker and photographer Filip Jedraszak (me), a long standing friend and partner to Trappmusik, it was obvious that he would do a video for it.

The video is recorded in the multi-million city of Bangalore and surroundings of the World Heritage Site of Hampi.

On the corus we hear another classic Trappmusik Familiar: Sunjatha, formerly known as Sune, Sun-E or +1, which has gifted many Trappmusik-hooks through the years and now is in the start of his own solo career.

Borta Bra/Hemma Bäst reflects everything Trappmusik stands for. To enjoy life and look around the world without ever losing sight of the home town of Malmo.

The video was shot mostly on a canon 5Dm3 with asserted lenses and some shots was also made in 4k on a sony a6300. Editing in PP.