Vistiting Cards and more campaigns!

Overflowing work and exciting new challenges is what this month has been all about. Being the head of photography at Grabhouse presents different ventures then first expected, which is fun!

We started of with shooting the portraits for our visiting cards.  They were all shot with the Carl Zeiss 85mm and to get soft light we took them next to the big windows so it would just be natural sunlight and a bounce reflector for the other side.


I was a little inpatient so I made sure I had my visiting cards printed first. The other batch will have a little different shape, something more close to our brand image.


But im really happy with the result, gorgeous individual visiting cards, something Im happy to give out.

More shoots and more products kept dropping in, meanwhile my work also includes to make sure our FOS team (the team that works on field gathering information about apartments and takes pictures of the same) is up to standard when it comes to the images they take of the apartments and pg’s. So we had a couple of workshops where i explained the importance of angles and composing pictures in the same way to have a unity on our website.

But that I can’t show in pictures so lets talk about the PR Journalist Kit image instead.

As for all products designed by us we need images for logging and commercial purposes.

A white box presents it’s own problems when you want a white background. Mixing daylight, my big soft led panels and even bouncing some of the daylight to get the right mixture of “white” and shadows. For being a photographer who still really likes shooting analog i have to say that product shooting on digital now a days really has a completely different workflow. If its good or bad is up to each photographer but for me its really nice to be able to search for the perfect tone of white by mixing light sources. I ended up with having the daylight from the left-back acting as a kicker, the led light panel from the right as main key and just a white bouncer from the front to lighten up the shadows, and basically used that same set up for all the different angels for the box.
In the end I only did small adjustments with the shadows in Adobe Lightroom and voila: A gorgeous product picture.

Next post will be about the Diwali shoot whatever new exciting challenges that will present it self.