A swedish/polish photographer in Bangalore

A couple of months back i got the opportunity to do something different from what I normally do. And no, its not being in Bangalore, even though it is a little new for me, since Mumbai has been my home for the last couple of years. I do have to say, love the weather (i know everyone says it, Bangalore is never too hot or too cold) Any who, Portraits_visitingcard_1-2I haven’t really written about it since the work has kept me occupied, but it’s time to change that!
So basically I started as the Head of Photography at an exciting new startup company called Grabhouse. I’m actually not freelancing for a change! An office and a desk, for those who know me, i know this doesn’t sound like me! But the Grabhouse team has made the transition quite easy.  Grabhouse is one of Indias first brokerfree online portals for house renting. But that’s a very simple explanation of what Grabhouse is since we amongst other things also run the site Urban Cocktail.

So let kick this of with me giving a little more updates on what I do and shoot during my days.

So i started of with shooting a fun hiring campaign for Grabhouse where we tried to capture the fun cultural environment here at the office:

The preperation was quite fast, but that also made it quite fun. Everything was shot with the Carl Zeiss 85/1.4. Just cant beat it when it comes to shoot people, of course the downside is working with the distance in a non-studio environment, but it also means that i just need ambient light for gorgeous shots like the “share-food” image.
The design team did a great job with the final product and i’m really happy with the result. Its also nice when you have designers who can make a design work with both landscape and portrait formats, since i apparently like to change it up (inside photographer joke)

Last week it was time for a “People, Places & Properties” campaign. Personally i loved the idea to have more urban street photographs, and i’m really happy with the design of the banner for our Facebook page. Its sleek and modern and has that edgy look that i really think fits with the culture of the company.


Soon its time for portrait shots for the whole design team for our visiting cards, keep posted!